To us it’s an acknowledgement and appreciation for the compassionate, intelligent and innovative women who tested and pushed the boundaries that laid the foundations and paved the path to where we are now. The freedoms and equalities we now enjoy is a result of the burden they carried. Their strength, voice and determination in positions typically only reserved for men proved to the world and to us that WE CAN. That there is power in the female spirit. That together we are stronger.

Furthermore, it’s a reminder to continue their work. To advocate for one another and others. To show understanding and empathy. Teach kindness and compassion. To care for Mothers. To support women in education and business. To understand and respect one another’s individuality, beliefs, actions. To celebrate each other’s achievements and successes. To help heal one another in the face of failure and hardship. To be without judgement. To act in the sight of injustice and discrimination. To be conscious of Mother Earth and the impact of our actions on our home and the home of our future generations.

Even in 2020, women continue to be disadvantaged. Quick fact - did you know that only 6 countries give women equal legal work rights as men? Shocked? Us too!! According to the World Economic Forum’s most recent study, it will take 108 years to bridge the gender gap. Yep! Us too!! Let’s get back to work ladies!

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