AZYÄ Swim is the world's first full-coverage and multifunctional swim brand committed to sustainable and ethical fashion. 

Born with the ethos to seamlessly fuse fashion, function and fit with a consciousness for sustainability. AZYÄ breaks away from the traditional confines of swimwear allowing seamless transition from water activities to workouts and crosses over into ready-to-wear for a polished warmer weather look. 

AZYÄ designs with purpose, intent and longevity in mind and delivers in slow releases. Timeless pieces crafted for women who take a refined and considered approach to style.

Producing locally enables us to stay at the edge of contemporary fashion - responding to the needs of our customers in real-time. We are able to work hand-in-hand with our pattern-makers, sewers and cutters, meeting with our suppliers and factories every week to oversee every small detail. We pride ourselves on impeccable craftsmanship and tailoring which requires attention to detail and time. 

Each garment is ethically handmade in Sydney, Australia, using leading sustainable performance fabrics. Learn more about AZYÄ’s signature smoothing fabrication  


AZYÄ Swim is a creative collaboration which has grown from humble beginnings by two culturally diverse friends from South Western Sydney.

Motivated by their own frustration to find premium fashionable full-coverage swimwear with a sustainable consciousness, Fatima and Marina set out to change the landscape of full-coverage swimwear and to solve the problem that many women across the globe were experiencing. Whilst women looking for well-made, fashionable and sustainably and ethically made bikinis had an endless pick, women looking for full-coverage swimwear had zero choice. 

Fatima and Marina's backgrounds in community development and clinical psychology naturally inspired the brand's ethos of sustainable and ethical practices. 

Fatima Elcheikh was born in Australia and spent most of her childhood in the countryside of North Lebanon nestled between the snow-capped mountains and the Eleutherus River. Her culturally rich and strong family roots have allowed for a deeper appreciation of language, diversity and fashion. Her aesthetic hopes to empower young women who are passionate about breaking boundaries whilst maintaining respect for history. Fatima looks to reawaken cultural pride and allow a re-imagination of what that could be through AZYÄ Swim.

Marina Ishak was born in Beirut, into a family of innovative business-minded and academic women with a rich appreciation for high fashion. She spent most of her childhood with her family on the beaches of Australia, Lebanon and UAE. Marina's style is heavily shaped by her Mother's eclectic fashion sense which was collectively influenced by her Lebanese heritage and her years in the 70's and 80's as a student in the United States. Marina approaches fashion as an artistic expression of change, inspired by her dedication to human and animal rights and her work as a Clinical Psychologist. 


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