Urban. New York but not quite. Stepping into Woolies was like going back in time 10 years. Hello 2010!

Coffee at every step. Good coffee. It seemed you couldn’t get a bad coffee in Melbourne even if you tried.

Trams. Why don’t we have these in Sydney?! And the cost is covered by the state?! Bravo Victoria! Public transport is always the way to go. If you didn’t already know - by moving more people with fewer vehicles, public transport reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It also offers affordable mobility and saves energy.

Now, Fitzroy is totally our vibe. Think Surry Hills - tres artsy with a communal Newtown feel. You’d understand if you’ve spent some time in the inner city and inner western suburbs of Sydney. Otherwise, imagine boutique independent stores and minimalist collective spaces. Quality products ethically made In Melbourne, Australia using sustainable materials. We were in good company. Even though it was close to midday we of course opted for Archie’s ‘dirty eggs’ and smashed avo on sourdough. So good!

St Kilda is a vibrant beach side suburb with an eclectic and laid-back feel. We strolled down the wharf admiring the starfish. Our first time seeing these literal star-shaped creatures outside of the Aquarium. Such beauty in nature.

Let’s talk Melbourne fashion. Melburnians are creative and intentional in their dress. Neutrals with pops of colours. Edgy shoes and statement ‘understated’ sunnies. Love!

Melbourne. You’ll definitely be seeing us again soon. We are at the mercy of your overwhelming magnetism and mood which oozes inspiration.

One more thing. Brunetti’s. You need to go there.

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