Now it would have been a breeze to throw out facts about why we need to preserve our Earth, but all the facts are a google search away.

Some of these facts can be quite confronting and, in many cases, may elicit feelings of fear. Whilst fear can be helpful when faced with imminent threat, we are not going to protect the environment and promote a healthy sustainable habitat for people and animals by having our actions dictated by fear.

We are in trying times and the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how quickly fear turns into greed. Is this the Earth’s way of asking us to slow down? To stop mass-production. To be mindful of our actions. To be kinder to animals and the environment?

Let’s pause. Go back to basics and revisit history. Ultimately, history tells us that the most protective factor for humankind is community. A united community with the common values and goals. Working together with gratitude in our hearts to make the change we all need. 

Ask yourself – what change can I make today, in spite of fear or just pure convenience, that is driven by my values that will benefit not just me but my community, my home and future generations?

Today is the day to act in line with your values. However big or small. It will make a difference. Here are 10 things you can do to save our planet and our communities:

  1. Be informed – education is key
  2. Reduce your waste – do you really need that plastic bag or extra packaging?
  3. Recycle, Re-purpose, Repair
  4. Eat Sustainably
  5. Use your purchasing power and support eco-friendly businesses
  6. Volunteer
  7. Travel responsibly – use public transport, walk, cycle, carpool
  8. Switch off your electricity
  9. Preserve water
  10. Print as little as necessary

Let’s show gratitude for our home, our planet Earth.

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