• Happy Earth Day 2020

    Happy Earth Day 2020

    Let’s pause. Go back to basics and revisit history. Ultimately, history tells us that the most protective factor for humankind is community. A united community with the common values and goals. Working together with gratitude in our hearts to make the change we all need.  Ask yourself – what change can I make today, in spite of fear or just pure convenience, that is...


    When faced with adversity we, at AZYÄ Swim, lean in. We have launched an initiative to keep our community socially connected whilst we practice physical distancing. “Community is one of the pillars of AZYÄ Swim; therefore, community needed to be central to our project. We wanted to facilitate community engagement and embrace our collective power. This is where our real strength lies - in us together”...
  • What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

    What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

    To advocate for one another and others. To show understanding and empathy. Teach kindness and compassion. To care for Mothers. To support women in education and business. To understand and respect one another’s individuality, beliefs, actions. To celebrate each other’s achievements and successes. To help heal one another in the face of failure and hardship. To be without judgement. To act in the sight...
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