People and our planet are our priority. As a fashion label we are aware of the negative impact that the fashion and textile industry have on our planet and Earth's water. Being a conscious brand, our intention is to provide our customers with the opportunity to support a product that has the future of our planet and generations to come in mind by crafting versatile and enduring garments that can be used many times and for many purposes across their lifetime.

Slow and Ethical Fashion

AZYÄ is designed with longevity in mind and is ethically manufactured in Australia. It's paramount to us that the people who work with us are treated fairly so that our customers can feel proud of what they are wearing the same way we feel proud of what we produce.

Embracing a sustainable slow fashion model, we are privileged to hold close relationships with our makers and suppliers who share our philosophy and commitment to ethical working conditions with complete transparency.

We value quality over quantity and encourage investment pieces to reduce the frequency of manufacturing and the negative effects of overproduction.

AZYÄ is committed to limiting our social and environmental impacts, not only through our fabric sourcing and supply but on a more direct daily basis in our studio and warehouse. We are consciously educating and creating new pathways as we move towards circular fashion.