• Happy Earth Day 2020

    Happy Earth Day 2020

    Let’s pause. Go back to basics and revisit history. Ultimately, history tells us that the most protective factor for humankind is community. A united community with the common values and goals. Working together with gratitude in our hearts to make the change we all need.  Ask yourself – what change can I make today, in spite of fear or just pure convenience, that is...
  • AZYÄ Takes Melbourne

    AZYÄ Takes Melbourne

    Urban. New York but not quite. Stepping into Woolies was like going back in time 10 years. Hello 2010! Coffee at every step. Good coffee. It seemed you couldn’t get a bad coffee in Melbourne even if you tried. Trams. Why don’t we have these in Sydney?! 
  • AZYÄ Takes Saudi Arabia

    AZYÄ Takes Saudi Arabia

    Travel is good for soul. It satisfies so many appetites and curiosities. Our thirst to learn about different customs, traditions and celebrations. Our desire to meet and mingle with the locals. The thrill of walking and navigating new lands and languages. And let’s not forget the food - street food, home cooked meals, internationally recognised restaurants.
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